Gift Card Flip Flop Offers the Best Prices For Gift Cards in Lakewood, CO

Welcome to Gift Card Flip Flop, your number one gift card shop located in Lakewood, CO. Here at Gift Card Flip Flop, we are proud to offer the highest payouts for gift cards. We buy gift cards for most restaurant, retail, home improvement, grocery, gasoline, and online brands.

We offer:

Gift Card Flip Flop is dedicated to providing our customers with the best prices for gift cards. All we require is for all gift card pin codes to be unscratched when you bring them to our store.

If you are interested in selling us your unused gift card, please contact us at Gift Card Flip Flop today!

We pay between 35-75% on all gift cards and merchandise credit, depending on the brand. We buy most national brands for grocery stores, retail stores, online stores, gas stations, hardware stores, clothing stores, etc. Pins cannot be scratched. A card with an exposed pin will not be eligible for sale. Must have your ID. Some receipts are required.

What Makes Us Proud
  • Highest Payout
  • Superior Customer Service
  • We Accept most Brands
Locations Served
  • Lakewood, CO